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Affluent Families

We provide clarity and direction for our clients’ financial goals, including wealth management, estate planning, legacy planning, charitable planning, and long-term care planning.


Whether it’s special compensation plans, qualified retirement plans, supplemental retirement plans, high-income disability insurance or specialized life insurance, we have unique solutions for unique people. How can we help you?

Our Products & Services

Life Insurance

Since 1978, M Financial has built custom solutions for our clients with the top insurance companies. We have the right solution for you to provide liquidity, stability, or to accomplish other varied and complex goals.

Private Placement Life Insurance

Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI) has been around for some time but is becoming the strategy of choice among affluent investors seeking potentially higher returns and alternative, often non-correlated, investments and wishing to avoid the equally super-sized tax bite. In the present tax climate, it is even more of a priority.

Retirement Planning

Whether it’s a qualified plan like an IRA, 401(k), or other tax advantaged plan, we ensure your retirement plan is priced fairly and efficiently, capturing competitive investment returns, and meeting your retirement needs and your participants’ needs.

Wealth Management

Our goals-based wealth management investment philosophy is based on these beliefs:
  • Market prices are the best estimate of current value,
  • Risk and return are related,
  • Investors should be compensated for risk.
While asset class investing strategies are appropriate for most situations, there are instances in which active management is appropriate. When that is the case, we believe access to elite managers is critical.
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